Did You Know

Did You Know

Eco toilet paper is the first one in Bulgaria using innovative packaging, biodegradable in 12 months in natural environment.

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First Facts

Did you know that…the first facts confirming the use of toilet papers date back to 1391? The imperial suppliers of ancient China received a request to produce 720 000 pieces of toilet paper for the needs of the imperial court.

Joseph Gayetty

Did you know that… In more recent times and in a more akin form to its modern look, toilet paper was “discovered” by the New Yorker Joseph Gayetty. The year is 1857; a new product emerges on the market in New Jersey with the revolutionary name “Medicated paper”, which was soaked with aloe. It was sold in packs of 500 pieces and its price, which was not very cheap, was 50 cents. Gayetty’s name was printed on every piece.

Earth's Circumference

Did you know that… only in the year 2003 the length of the produced ZEBRA toilet paper was 3 times bigger than the Earth’s circumference along the Equator.

Year 1890

Did you know that… in its peculiar commercial appearance – rolled over rolls, the toilet paper had been produced since 1890. The company that proposed this “unusual” appearance for the market was “Scott Paper Company”.

Two-Layer Variation

Did you know that… The two-layer variation of the toilet paper appeared as early as 1942, and the one “responsible” for this innovation was the British company “St Andrew’s Paper Mill”.

Machine for Toilet Paper

Did you know that… The first ever machine for toilet paper production is the work of the Frenchman Nicholas Robert.